2023 One Loudoun Carnival

The One Loudoun Carnival is here!

This is a great even hosted by Downtown One Loudoun, and fun for the whole family!

Carnival Dates

The Carnival runs for the following two stretches during the summer:

  • August 9th – August 20th, 2023
    • Monday – Friday 5-11pm
    • Saturday 1-11pm
    • Sunday 3-11pm
  • June 7th – June 25th, 2023 (these dates have passed)
    • Monday – Friday 5-11pm
    • Saturday 1-11pm
    • Sunday 3-11pm

Address For the Carnival

Set your gps for:

20280 Exchange Street, Ashburn VA 20147

The location is next to the adjacent to One Loudoun Town Center.

Rides, Food & More!

The Carnival is a great spot if you are looking for something fun to do on a night or weekend!

Rides & Entertainment

The rides are provided by local company Jolly Shows and you can see their page on what rides are potentially going to be included.

Generally speaking the rides have included:

  • Rides for small kids such as teacups, small coasters and other slower rides
  • Obstacle courses
  • Super slides
  • Bumper cars
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Rides for “big kids” and thrill seeking adults
  • Ferris Wheel
  • And more!

Carnival Food & Games

Get ready to enjoy all your favorite carnival foods and treats!

And get ready to try your skills at the offered carnival games.


Ticketing is done online…this site handles the ticketing.

Have fun!